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AVA5015 TY450 Solid Rider Rings

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Solid riders or wear rings, AAVOLYN Type 450, are required where the ring groove on the piston travels out into the valve area or cylinder counterbore. The solid, stretch on ring is designed to stretch over the piston diameter and then fit tightly on the ring groove. Proper strain and memory considerations are important to ensure that the solid ring remains tightly on the piston during operating temperatures and pressures. Pressure relief designs are available in high temperature applications where riders have a tendency to come loose on the piston in service. This allows gas, trapped under the ring, to bleed away, thus eliminating rapid wear of the ring and possible breakage.

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Aavolyn #

Cylinder/ Rod Diameter


56-45901-069 20.500 AVA5015
56-45901-267 28.000 AVA5015
56-45901-266 15.500 AVA5015
56-45901-268 10.500 AVA5015
56-45901-269 10.500 AVA5015
56-45901-801 11.750 AVA5015
56-45901-070 17.250 AVA5015
56-45901-071 12.153 AVA5015
56-45901-024 10.000 AVA5015
56-45901-060 16.750 AVA5015
56-45901-061 20.000 AVA5015
56-45901-159 19.500 AVA5015
  Results 1 - 12 of 12 1