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Viton O-Rings

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A variety of sizes in Viton O-Rings. We stock O-Rings for Ariel Valves. Same day shipping on in stock Ariel Valve O-Rings.

Need O-Rings for your Ariel Valves. We stock a large supply of Viton O-Rings for Ariel valves. Great Prices and same day shipping on in stock O-Rings.
Viton (Fluorocarbon (FKM) O-Rings, produced as a copolymer of vinylidene flouride an hexafluoropropylene, offers outstanding resistance to chemicals, oils, solvents, and heat. In the reinforced state, these rubbers offer moderate tensile strength but relatively low elongation properties. They are also resistant to oxidation and ozone and do not support combustion. Several versions of these rubbers are available, and conventional compounding produces formulations within a hardness range of 65 to 95 Shore A. These same compounds offer low temperature stability to -40 degrees F.

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10-OR10-010-1 Viton
12-OR-10-010-1 Viton
600OR10-012-1 Viton
OR10-010-1 Viton
OR10-216-1 Viton
OR10-218-1 Viton
OR10-234-1 Viton
OR10-264-1 Viton
OR10-325-1 Viton
OR10-327-1 Viton
OR10-328-1 Viton
OR10-330-1 Viton
OR10-333-1 Viton
OR10-350-1 Viton
OR10-444-1 Viton
RR1242V Viton
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