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Viton O-Rings

Viton O-Rings

A variety of sizes in Viton O-Rings. We stock O-Rings for Ariel Valves. Same day shipping on in stock Ariel Valve O-Rings.

Need O-Rings for your Ariel Valves. We stock a large supply of Viton O-Rings for Ariel valves. Great Prices and same day shipping on in stock O-Rings.
Viton (Fluorocarbon (FKM) O-Rings, produced as a copolymer of vinylidene flouride an hexafluoropropylene, offers outstanding resistance to chemicals, oils, solvents, and heat. In the reinforced state, these rubbers offer moderate tensile strength but relatively low elongation properties. They are also resistant to oxidation and ozone and do not support combustion. Several versions of these rubbers are available, and conventional compounding produces ...
Silicone O-Rings

Silicone O-Rings

Silicone is a semi-organic elastomer with outstanding resistance to extremes of temperature. It can provide reliable service at temperatures as low as -175 degrees F to as high as 482 degrees F continuously. Silicone also has good resistance to compression set. Silicone is used primarily for dry heat static seals. Although it swells considerably in petroleum lubricants, this is not detrimental in most static sealing application.
Buna O-Rings

Buna-N O-Rings

Buna-N Nitrile bufadiene (NBR), is a copolymer of acrylonitrile and butadiene, and is available in various ratios of these monomers. High-acrylonitrile versions (over 50%) have the best oil and fuel resistance, while the high butadiene versions (over 78%) offer the ultimate in low temperature performance.

Better known as nitriles, reinforced NBR rubbers have good oil and gasoline resistance, tensile strength, elongation properties, heat resistance and low compression set. Special compounding is required for good weatherability.

Typical applications for these medium priced rubbers are seals, O-rings, gaskets, diaphragms, pipe gaskets, tank linings, boots and bellows.

A carboxylated version of ...