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AVA17 TY411 Step Cut Piston Rings

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The standard one piece piston ring is utilized by itself or in combination to seal gases and liquids in a variety of applications. Ring design and materials vary based on the product sealed, temperature, pressure, and condition of the service. AAVOLYN Engineers have experience in designing piston rings for all applications from standard air using one piece angle cut rings to high pressure specialized gas services where pressure balancing and special materials are required. Proper clearance design and selection of ring material are critical to provide quality performance and extended ring life.

  • Standard seal ring
  • 1 Piece Step cut

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    Aavolyn #

    Cylinder/ Rod Diameter


    51-41903-037 N/A AVA17
    51-41903-097 N/A AVA17
    51-41903-222 9.000 AVA17
    51-41903-110 12.000 AVA17
    51-41903-099 26.500 AVA17
    51-41903-133 12.250 AVA17
    51-41903-001 6.500 AVA17
    51-41903-161 10.000 AVA17
    51-41903-098 N/A AVA17
    51-41903-284 N/A AVA17
    51-41903-220 10.000 AVA17
    51-41903-364 11.000 AVA17
    51-41903-266 1.500 AVA17
      Results 1 - 13 of 13 1