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AVA47 TY215 Wedge Packing Rings

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This design, used in a wiper packing assembly, consists of a three ring set; a male radial ring, female radial ring and tangent cut ring as shown above. The wedge packing set is installed facing the cylinder with the female radial ring facing the pressure. The purpose of the wedge packing is to prevent the gas from getting into the crankcase.

It can also be utilized in very low pressure applications where the radial tangent pair does not exert sufficient force on the piston rod to create a seal. The male/female combination load ring creates sufficient force on the rod with the expansion of the PTFE material due to a temperature increase at operating pressure. This pressure allows the ring to seal where the normal downward force of the gas on the packing ring is not sufficient.

3 piece Wedge Packing Ring

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Aavolyn #

Cylinder/ Rod Diameter


60-21523-014 2.250 AVA47
60-21522-014 2.250 AVA47
60-21521-006 1.375 AVA47
60-21521-007 1.500 AVA47
60-21521-010 1.750 AVA47
60-21523-012 2.000 AVA47
60-21521-012 2.000 AVA47
60-21502-017 2.500 AVA47
60-21502-014 2.250 AVA47
60-21503-022 3.000 AVA47
60-21521-014 2.250 AVA47
60-21503-026 3.500 AVA47
20060-21503-022 3.000 AVA47
  Results 1 - 13 of 13 1