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Steel Split Packing Case Assemblies

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This design of packing case is the oldest type to be used for mechanical packing installations on reciprocating compressors. Originally, compressors & steam engines used braided type packing for the low pressure ranges experienced. Braided packing required constant adjustment of the gland which held the packing in place. This was necessary to maintain a seal along the rod and to prevent leakage around the packing. Excessive tightening could damage the shaft. As the packing wore in the bore from the reciprocating motion of the rod, continuous tighting was necessary.

Mechanical packing replaced the braided design and required no adjustment to maintain a seal after initial installation. This mechanical design uses a case to hold the individual rings because controlled side clearance is required to allow the packing to function. Limited space was available to install these original packing assemblies. A split housing is installed over the rod and slipped into the stuffing box in place of the braided rings. The case is held in place by the follower gland which was used with the original braided design.

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Cylinder/ Rod Diameter


4962G1 2.000 Steel
4856G2 1.750 Steel
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