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Steel Packing Case Assemblies

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Aavolyn steel packing case assemblies are found on all makes and models of reciprocating compressors in the field today. Our engineers have developed standard packing case designs for different types of gases at different pressures with specific configurations to deal with temperature, lubrication or without lubrication and other design parameters to improve the performance of the packing installation. Contact Aavolyn with your design parameters and benefit from our expertise.

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Aavolyn #

Cylinder/ Rod Diameter


Number of Grooves

3639 2.312 Steel N/A
3759 N/A Steel N/A
4359 4.000 Steel N/A
4877 4.500 Steel N/A
4991 5.000 Steel N/A
30181853 N/A Steel N/A
11215C1 N/A Steel N/A
2002G2 3.250 Steel N/A
2030G1 1.619 Steel N/A
2039G1 1.375 Steel N/A
2040G1 N/A Steel N/A
2043G1 N/A Steel N/A
2050G1 N/A Steel N/A
2052G1 2.000 Steel N/A
2053G1 1.125 Steel N/A
2055G1 2.000 Steel N/A
2057G1 2.000 Steel N/A
2058G1 1.500 Steel N/A
2059G1 1.750 Steel N/A
2071G1 N/A Steel N/A
2073G1 1.750 Steel N/A
2079G1 1.750 Steel N/A
2153G2 1.375 Steel N/A
2160G1 2.500 Steel N/A
2184G2 2.000 Steel N/A
  Results 1 - 25 of 1000  1 2 3 4 5 »