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Cast Iron TY275 Packing Case Assemblies

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Aavolyn Cast Iron Packing assemblies which feature cast iron cups are made from pearlitic gray containing TYPE A graphite. Gray iron bars made to this specification have optimal strength, wear and hardness. Cup material is well suited for applications requiring high resistance to wear and response to heat treatment. Flanges are steel.

AAVOLYN TY275 step cup packing case assembly incorporates vent and lube connections to the case. The lube connection allows lubricating oil to be introduced in the packing case to cool the rod packing and remove heat from the sealing area. The vent connection, drilled and tapped, removes any gas which passes the sealing rings.

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Aavolyn #

Cylinder/ Rod Diameter


2659G1 1.750 Cast Iron
2113G2 1.750 Cast Iron
3510G1 2.750 Cast Iron
3528G1 2.500 Cast Iron
3511G1 2.250 Cast Iron
3532G1 1.750 Cast Iron
3443G2 2.750 Cast Iron
3530G1 2.000 Cast Iron
3555G1 1.875 Cast Iron
3529G1 2.000 Cast Iron
3531G1 2.500 Cast Iron
3527G1 1.750 Cast Iron
3509G1 2.250 Cast Iron
  Results 1 - 13 of 13 1