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Cast Iron TY255 Packing Case Assemblies

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Complete packing assembly used in natural gas & gas gathering applications.

AAVOLYN packing cases are the finest quality engineered, sealing assemblies available in the market. They combine high quality materials and precision finishes with leading edge design features to maximize packing assembly performance, noting that the packing case is one half of the seal. The addition of features such as radius and chamfers on all components improve the overall appearance of the assembly as well as increasing its operation in service.

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Aavolyn #

Cylinder/ Rod Diameter


4885G2 1.750 Cast Iron
3973G2 1.750 Cast Iron
2692G1 1.750 Cast Iron
2115G2 1.750 Cast Iron
2117G2 1.750 Cast Iron
3215G2 1.750 Cast Iron
3257G2 1.750 Cast Iron
2677G1 1.750 Cast Iron
5546G2 1.750 Cast Iron
5547G2 1.750 Cast Iron
3495G2 1.750 Cast Iron
3590G1 2.000 Cast Iron
3470G2 2.000 Cast Iron
2716G1 1.750 Cast Iron
3211G2 1.750 Cast Iron
3738G2 2.000 Cast Iron
3143G2 2.000 Cast Iron
3494G2 2.000 Cast Iron
3250G2 2.250 Cast Iron
3557G2 2.250 Cast Iron
2286G1 2.000 Cast Iron
2259G2 2.000 Cast Iron
3731G2 2.000 Cast Iron
3732G2 2.000 Cast Iron
3732G3 2.000 Cast Iron
  Results 1 - 25 of 112 1 2 3 4 5