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Aavolyn # 56-21101-012, AVA5015 TY211 Double Tangent Packing Ring

The Type 211 pair of packing rings consist of two tangent to the step rings pinned together to overlap at the step. This design has traditionally been used to seal low pressure or vacuum applications. The pair of tangent rings allows the 211 style to seal in both directions. Because of the large sealing surface, more frictional heat is generated and therefore greater wear to the piston rod and the seal itself. The 211 design does not allow gas to pass back through the packing case when pressure drops from discharge to suction in the cylinder, therefore its application should be limited to low pressures such as after the vent connection, vacuum service or in partition packings.


Cylinder/ Rod Diameter




Material Description

  • Throughout the Specialty Gas industry AVA5015, is recognized as the finest material available for use in Oxygen and Argon service. It was specifically developed for Oxygen bearing gases. No other product comes close to the wear properties exhibited by this patented PTFE blend. The proprietary fillers in AVA5015 form a surface film with excellent frictional characteristics. This film increases the life of the sealing ring three to five times that of other filled PTFE.
    The specific percentage and type of filler, as well as particle size, molding procedures, and sintering cycles are critical to the development of the surface film.
  • When combined with the PBU pressure balanced piston ring & packing designs, AVA5015. significantly reduces surface generated frictional heat. Every major specialty gas manufacturer has verified the performance of this unique material over any products available on the market today. Specific application performance data can be obtained on request.
  • Substitute materials have been offered for use in Oxygen or Argon applications, resulting in reduced ring life. The glass/moly filled and straight glass filled PTFE exhibit 1/2 to 1/3 the seal life when substituted for the AAVOLYN product. Once the AVA5015 seals seat after installation, wear rates drop substantially. This proprietary material eliminates wear on the sealing surfaces such as piston grooves, cylinder walls and piston rods & limits ring wear.
Recommended Usage: Oxygen, Argon, Air Though out the Specialty Gas Industry AVA5015 is recognized as the finest material available for Oxygen service.