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Aavolyn # 53-25421-004, AVA45 TY254 Pressure Breaker Special Packing Ring

The AAVOLYN Type 254 is designed to be installed in the first sealing groove toward the cylinder. It's internal grooving arrangement is used to trap solids in the gas, preventing them from filling the packing groove and restricting the performance of the packing rings. This design has been used in many applications where packing rings have not been able to function effectively due to the build up of solids in the groove from the cylinder. By minimizing the amount of solids allowed to enter the sealing ring area, the life of the packing assembly is increased.


Cylinder/ Rod Diameter




Material Description

AVA45 performs exceptionally well in non-lubricated applications where operating temperatures are a major factor in the performance of the seal. AVA45 combines the strength and thermal conductivity of the bronze with the frictional properties of the Moly Disulfide for both cryogenic and high temperature air service. Wear tests performed by the US Navy for their high pressure non lube compressors showed AVA45 to have the best wear properties of all standard PTFE tested.
Recommended Applications: High Temperature Air Cryogenic Service