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Aavolyn # 50053-21001-906, AVA45/Bronze TY210 Packing Ring Set

Single acting radial-tangent pairs consist of a radial load ring and a tangent sealing ring. The pair act together as a seal in one direction. The Type 210 are installed in combinations depending on the discharge pressure. They keep the gas from leaking from the cylinder to atmosphere. The radial ring is pinned to the tangent or sealing ring to prevent gas from leaking at the tangent joint. The pair of rings seal at the bore and against the back side. To obtain an effective seal the finish and parallelism of the faces are critical. Proper side clearance is required for the packing to function at operating temperatures and not be restricted in the packing case groove.


Cylinder/ Rod Diameter






Material Description

AVA45 performs exceptionally well in non-lubricated applications where operating temperatures are a major factor in the performance of the seal. AVA45 combines the strength and thermal conductivity of the bronze with the frictional properties of the Moly Disulfide for both cryogenic and high temperature air service. Wear tests performed by the US Navy for their high pressure non lube compressors showed AVA45 to have the best wear properties of all standard PTFE tested.
Recommended Applications: High Temperature Air Cryogenic Service